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Welcome to Hatch Media

At Hatch Media, we love pets and we love the people who love them. Because of this we set up some websites and apps that bring pets and people closer together.  If you want to adopt a dog, find your lost cat or even organise a housesitter to stay with your pets you have come to the right place!

Starting with TAGS, we wanted to change the way people adopted pets in Ireland. So began our first ever venture.

Once we had done that we wanted to change the way people searched for their lost pets and possessions and Lost and Found was born. And then came Housesitting.

Lastly, and of course continuing with the pet theme, our dream is to one day set up Ireland’s first dedicated discount neutering centre for pets as none currently exists. We will have to keep dreaming about that one for now!


The idea that started it all, is Ireland’s largest pet adoption service for animal shelters and rescues across the country. Originated in 2013 it has gone on to get millions of page views and lots of rescues signing up to promote their pets for adoption.

Lost and Found the rebirth began in Ireland in 2017. Born out of frustration that there was no national website in Ireland to post and locate lost pets and possessions we decided to build one! Although it’s early days we have already reunited tons of pets and property and hope to reunite thousands more throughout the year.

House Sit

Housesitting is Irelands first dedicated pet sitting website. Do you love Holidays but hate the thought of putting your pets into kennels? Does your pet prefer to stay at home? Why not get a house sitter in to look after your pets while you are away. Or find a home that requires a petsitter and take a break away.

Snip and Chip Born out of frustration (sound familiar?) that there is no dedicated discount neutering centre in Ireland for the general public or rescues we decided to build one! Although it’s early days and we have lots of fundraising to do (€100k eeek) we hope to begin services in 2020. Read More.

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